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Hi I’m Marko.
The first time I tried trading stocks was 15 years ago. At the beginning I tried my luck by betting on the best performing ones. Shortly after that experience I got pulled into the industry and started trading on the U.S. Stock Market.

As each day passed I became more frustrated, asking myself: “why am I not getting any more wins and what could I be doing wrong?”

Was it luck? Was I inexperienced? I had the knowledge, I had all the books and Google by my side, I was really paying attention to the data. So what was I doing wrong? I didn’t have anyone to help me so I put my head down to research and test different ways to make progress.

After a couple of years I noticed that I am making really great progress. My tactics and data analytics skills were polished so I was finally making serious money trading stocks.

It was not easy relying only on theory. Picture this: your eyes are locked on multiple screens of the computer all day, you are talking to nobody, except occasionally to yourself. The Self-talk usually goes like this: »Is this worth a buy? Buy? Sell? I need second opinion on that. New hot Stock, data looks promising. Shall I go in or out? «.
How much money would I be able to save If only I had a fellow stock trader that I can trust near me to exchange opinions with?

Have you ever had to ask yourself the same question ?
Would you love to get a second opinion from a fellow stock trader that has 15+ years of experience in stock trading ?

What if one single opinion of the experienced stock trader could generate you 1x, 3x even 5x more profit?

That is why we created StockTraderPro, a service that is on it's way to becoming the leading community for trading stocks online.
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What can you expect when you join Stock Trader Pro?

  • Expert answers your questions and immediately gives you his opinion on it.
  • "Grow" your profits — all while improving your strategies.
  • How to find a stock that is on the verge of a breakout. Making 20% in 3 days.
  • Never miss any important information, that will help you make a profitable buy.
  • Talk with me personally for 9 hours/day in a group chat.
  • Easy filtering through thousands of investing possibilities and finding the right ones that make you profit.
  • Help to skyrocket your stock trading portfolio.
  • Teaching you how to almost always de-risk every move that you make.
  • Faster growth as a trader.
  • More time to spend on things that you love doing: painting, schooling, running a business, spending time with your family...

You don't believe me? Look at all reviews we got after just 5 years of our service.


This service is not for you:

  • If you want to make money quick.
  • If you are searching for quick silver bullet tactics.
  • If you are not willing to do the work and research first, before making your calls or suggestions.
  • If you don't have any clue what stock or ticker means.
  • If you are not strong emotionally - stock trading can get really hard on your emotions, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose
  • If you don’t have at least 2 years of stock trading experience.

For those that are just getting started , send your questions on info@stocktraderapp.com and I will gladly send you my quick FREE tutorial: How to get started as a rookie in trading stocks.

Then come back when you have more experience.



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